Our Journey – Pentathlon World Cup Kecskemét

This is the journey of our two days trip to Kecskemét to the Pentathlon World Cup, and our final and biggest test of new knowledge.


Thursday morning, at 8 am, we got on a bus and started a one and a half hour long journey to Kecskemét. When we arrived we immediately went to the swimming event, expect one group, which went to a horse show, where they could see the horses which will compete in the race. We were a bit scared to approach an athlete to make an interview so we made a lot of pictures instead. After all the heats from group C finished we went back to the hotel and had lunch. Then we went to Messzi István Sports Hall where the fencing competition was held. We didn’t have much opportunity to make interviews because everyone was focused on the event, so we made reports and pictures there. Then we went to the combined event, where we were finally brave enough to make an interview with an athlete. It turned out, that they are very friendly, and they were very open for it. We got to talk to two different people there, one coach and one athlete.  We went back for dinner, and got our deserved free time.


On the second day, we woke up at 7:30, had breakfast at 8 o’clock, and we went to watch the men’s swimming competition. We ran into some technical difficulties such as the sound of the video, but thanks to our creativity we could overcome it, by using our phones as microphones. We made 2 interviews there including another English one. After that we went back to have lunch, then packed up and left.


We all really enjoyed this trip, because it was something new and exciting, and unique experience. We learned that famous athletes are just as open for a conversation with average people as any other person. We can be very proud of our Hungarian athletes, in the men’s category Marosi Ádám finished on the 2nd place and Demeter Bence took the 3rd place. In the women’s category Földházi Zsófia achieved 2nd place.


By Virágh Péter & Kimák Dominik

Author: Irén Halász-Hunfalvi