The Preparations

This is the story of us preparing from scratch to succsess in interviewing and making reports at sports events.

The Kovács Pál Baptista High School has won a competition, and we had a chance to go to the Pentathlon World Cup in Kecskemét, Hungary. We could meet the athletes, make interviews and take pictures with them. There was a 4-month long preparation before the big event. The pupils have learnt how to make a proper interview and how to take good pictures.  Even a real reporter, László Berta visited us and gave useful instructions.


At the beginning we have learnt the theoretical basics of reporting and interviews as well as communication. Then, we practiced them on each other, asked questions to each other, and tried different situations, so we won’t get surprised by anything.

After all, we got to know the basics of video editing software, wrote newspaper articles, and made interviews in English. Some of the students could go to a real press conference, so we could get more experience and meet the orgaizers of the event as well as some of the contestants. We got the possibility to try out our interviewing skill. It wasn’t easy but it was a good start and gave us courage.


In the end, we made groups of 4-5 people, with a different jobs for each group, so we are more organized. Those of us who were good with cameras and technological items were the background groop and the ones with good communication skills became the reporters.

All in all, we have experienced a lot of new things with this program, and without it we would never have had a chance to attend a World Cup with the possibility to interview the athletes.

By Kimák Dominik & Virág Péter

Author: Irén Halász-Hunfalvi